Pleasures and leisure: Biodynamic wine

Sometimes you just have to pause and enjoy the simpler pleasures in life, love and observe the luxury of leisure and just be happy. That is what life is all about, is not it? And no life is complete without the sweet cool flavor of wine every now and then you can not just resist it now, can you? When one states”Biodynamic” it indicates that a theory that in the universe, everything is interconnected and that everything has their own”vibe”, or if you want to get technical, everything gives out a type of its own resonance.

When it comes to biodynamic in wine, it’s a procedure that is planned out before the wine making has even started. How does this work? Well, simply put, the procedure for planting, harvesting, watering, and so on are all sorted step by step. Basically, the biodynamic calendar is divided into four measures that are really represented of the four components. The days are split as root occasions, fruit times, foliage days and flower days. Now, every one of these days follow a particular practice, for instance, you water the vines on the foliage days, prune during the root days, let the vines be and bloom during the flower times and finally, ideally harvest during the fruit days.

That is an age old practice that’s been used even before the days of Plato. An example of it is that you will not be harvesting on the foliage day, which will be a representative of the water component. Why so? Well, the solution is straightforward: if you harvest on leaf day, you’d most likely have waterlogged or sterile grapes, since water!

Now if you are thinking about trying out biodynamic wine, know that they have to get certified. In terms of the taste, besides some producers who focus on the secondary flavors, they don’t taste any different from the likes of which you’re most likely used to drinking. In fact, you could even begin to prefer it.

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