Customer communication services and tools by Apifonica

Apifonica supplies tools and a staff to upgrade customer expertise without replacing any existing solutions. Individuals who wish to see growth from the company can build exceptional customer communicating with Apifonica dedicated developer tea. They can choose to enable chatting via top societal messaging apps directly from their CRM, helpdesk or contact centre software.

If they do decide to add social channels for their software with Apifonica social and SMS messaging API, they are certain to enjoy lots of benefits. They can send pictures, files, and multimedia files through messaging apps directly from CRM or other software they use to connect with clients. Apifonica can disperse geographical presence to maximize the cost of its clients. It has offices in 6 states to cooperate with clients and maximize product development expenses.

Its R&D capability is concentrated in Eastern Europe, enabling it to provide an excellent skill set at a fraction of the cost anyone would normally expect for bespoke solution development. It’s helpful to weave Apifonica into the person’s existing tech. Augment their current technology suit with multi-channel communication capacities.

Apifonica has come up with a solution with the security of your website of keeping a better customer relationship with less effort. Apifonica does this by helping companies engage and retain customers with text and voice messages delivered to the ideal channel. It reaches clients in their natural habitats, such as cellular, web, and social media. Keeping up the interaction history across channels with intelligent automation and dialogue workflows reduce the manual tasks for the person.

Individuals can set up triggers to send notifications and set calls automatically through the assistance of Apifonica. This way they could incorporate conversation bots to handle first customer questions. This organization is prepared to commit a team of its own software and ICT specialist to aid with integrations, expanding the client’s R&D capacity.

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