Kim Dao: The rising YouTuber

It’s a known actuality that YouTube has taken over the world by storm. It is now a platform where anybody can rise up to become a known celebrity. This is the reason there are lots of people who create their channel and hopes to become known to the world. One such renowned YouTuber is by the name of Kim Dao. Actually, Kim Dao is one of the men and women who have been able to achieve the status of fast-rising YouTube star. She specializes in makeup, fashion, travel vlogs, and her readers follow her tips and advice religiously.

Possessing to her popularity online and of the nature of her content, we often question how Kim Dao became a online star at a young age. Dao has been traveling all over the world as well as simplifying different fashion trends, making many makeup tutorial movies. To answer the question of how Kim Dao became a internet star at a young age, she really turned into a huge media influencer when she filmed her first visit to her dream location, Japan. For more information please visit here

It had been filled with fun and informative video that made a great deal of subscriptions to her channel. Following that, she decided to create movies of her real life experience through journeys and check-ins in new hotels, fashion, along with other lifestyle hacks. To Learn More about Kim Dao, visit American Internet Journals or AIJ gives. AIJ is a blog based by editors and writers from many internet and print books who met up during a media conference and decided to begin an online portal that is different from what they do for a living.

As journalists and writers, they do not compete with their own parent companies, otherwise, they provide something different. Fans of Kim Dao love the contents which she posts like the Japanese goods that she testimonials and attempts on. She’s also started trying out Korean makeup brands that is something which her lovers also wishes to see from her.

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