Cat tracking with Tabcat

Oh yes, the home kitty ninjas that never ceases to evaporate. Now we are all fond of our feline friends, but we cannot disagree with the fact that cats are somewhat annoying, particularly when they decide to vanish off for no clear reason. We can all say (and it’s safe to do so) that cats are very adventurous, therefore an open window or a slightly ajar door is a literal window of opportunity for them, and worst for you if you have to look for them. Well, skip this part because Tabcat is introducing a pet GPS tracker which can help you to find your lost furry feline every day.

The pet GPS tracker helps owners find their cats in each corner that they may turn to for hiding and running off to. Using simple GPS monitoring, you can find your pet’s position and bring them home for dinner without wasting some time (maybe a small time, but you take what you get). Do not worry, you don’t have to implant a microchip into your cat, it is more like an attachment.

The machine is simple: there is a beacon and a tracker. Attach the beacon onto the cat’s individual, preferably the collar, and then once it is set, the cat tracking collar detects the beacon and uses visual in addition to audio cues to help discover where the beacon is. In this manner, all you need to do is follow the beeps and the lights to its destination and that’s where your cat will probably be. Best part is that your kitty will not have any idea how on earth is it that you’re finding them.

The pet GPS tracker is a lightweight accessory such as attachment, so that your cat will not have some trouble when you join it with their collars. On the other hand, the cat tracker is regarded as a more effective tracking device than the GPS. Whether your cat is missing, possibly taking a dip at the garbage can or simply chilling along with their other friends, you can easily locate them with the cat tracker.

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